4 Must-Reads About Project Management

Project Management is an essential function in the execution of any project, no matter the scale or complexity. Having a basic understanding of the core concepts in Project Management is critical to effectively leading a team and/or serving on a project-based team.

Here are 4 must-read articles about Project Management:

4 Common Miscommunication Mistakes In Project Management

It's no secret and any project manager professional can tell you, that the most successful projects they've been a part of had top-notch communication tactics and methods.

Communications skills and strategy are crucial to drive any project team forward and ensure deliverables are being met.

How To Successfully Manage Your Virtual Team

When it comes to managing your virtual team, one of the key things to keep in mind is that there isn’t just one key for every door. Managing a virtual team across various organizations is going to look different based on resources, team dynamics and the type of project.


3 Reasons You Need A Project Manager

It is often called into question, the importance of having a project manager. There tends to be a common misconception that just anyone can be a project manager if one is necessary, however that isn’t quite true.

Project Management and Organization Development: Working Together To Achieve Success

Uncovering the key advantages found when bringing two normally separate departments, Organization Development (OD) and Project Management, together has many advantages. For example, reduce risk and increased efficiencies. Both of these departments exhibit processes and practices that when combined increase the success found in both fields. 


Whether you are new to Project Management or just looking to expand your knowledge and practices, Enterprise Technology Projects is a valuable resource.