3 Reasons You Need A Project Manager

It is often called into question, the importance of having a project manager. There tends to be a common misconception that just anyone can be a project manager if one is necessary, however that isn’t quite true.

Here are several critical reasons why project managers are essential for the effective and successful completion of any project, regardless of scope.

  1. Be A Central Point Of Contact

  2. Keep Subject Matter Experts Focused

  3. Provide Not Just Management But Leadership

Central Point Of Contact.

This is essential from an organization standpoint and serves as the largest reason project managers are put into place. Organization leaders have a central point of contact regarding the health of a project. PMs provide information on the project schedule, budget and scope, referred to as the triple constraint. Having one person tracking progress, allows leaders to quickly access necessary information, without distracting those actively working on the project.

Subject Matter Experts Remain Focused On The Project.

Subject Matter Experts are the ones actively working on the project and doing the heavy lifting of getting it completed. The goal is to keep SME’s as focused as possible. Without a PM, you are pulling key SME’s off task to handle the scheduling, resource allocation, etc. Project Managers take on these components in order to keep SME’s focused on their area of expertise and likely what they are most passionate about.

Be Not Just A Project Manager, But A Project Leader.

Organizations often refer to PM’s as managers, but one thing missing from that notion is the concept of leadership. The key difference between a Manager and a Leader is the ability to inspire others. Leaders help create passion in the work and this is a critical element of what an effective PM brings to every project. Leadership helps keep the team focused, on task and excited about the project at hand.

In conclusion, no matter the scope. No matter the subject matter. Project Managers are vital to the outcome of a project. You need someone to drive the ship, rally the crew, and bring the ship home!