Collaboration of Organization Development and Project Management

Projects across all industries are failing at an alarming rate. Only 64% of projects are actually successful, according to the 2015 Project Management Institute Pulse study. Due to these failures, there is an increasing need for more effective communications and greater efficiencies to increase project success rates for all industries. 

The problem isn't finding organizations needing help with project management. The challenging part is finding practices proven to positively impact the project management process.

Organization Development (OD) and Project Management

Each of these fields, Organization Development (OD) and Project Management, employs processes and practices that, if shared, might increase success in both fields. To be clear, sharing these processes does not mean creating a new department or field, but rather utilizing the key disciplines and practices of one field to help the other become more efficient and effective.  

Communication is a key part of project management; therefore, utilizing the communication skill sets found within OD to increase the effectiveness of a project manager and the success rates of the projects managed is one way for these two fields to collaborate.

In addition, the field of OD can provide an increased focus on methods to help an organization run more effectively and efficiently while, on the other hand, project management can provide an increased focus on successfully managing project scope, budget, schedule, and quality.  

The collaboration of these two disciplines is a relatively new area of focus. There are still questions such as: How can we best structure OD and Project Management fields so they work together to further strengthen the skills used by each discipline? What methods have worked and what methods have not?  Answering these questions might identify a process for future collaboration, and the answers could help increase an organization’s ability to effectively execute projects and change across its enterprise, thereby benefiting those executing said projects.

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ETP Adds New Research Department

Enterprise Technology Projects is excited to announce a new service available to our clients, Research. We plan to focus our research on Project Management, Organization Development, and Education.