Enterprise Technology Projects: From Project Management To Project Done

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About Enterprise Technology Projects

We provide solutions in project management, organization development, and education. 

  • Project Management: Adjust the methods to meet the needs of the organization.
    We help project teams run better. ETP provides direction and leadership from project initiation to close utilizing proven project methodologies. We reduce staff workloads, mediate between vendors and businesses, and help keep costs under control. 
  • Organization Development: Provide value through increasing the efficiency of the organization.
    We help organizations run efficiently. Rather than look at one element of a business or organization at a time, we take a systemic view to guide groups from inefficiency to efficiency.
  • Education: Help to properly blend brick and mortar with online learning. 
    We assist higher education institutions structure and teach Project Management programs.

What We Believe

We believe successful projects are a result of effective teams. This is why we hand pick our teams for each collaboration. 

We believe the ability for ETP and our client teams to work effectively has just as much to do with personalities as it does skill sets, so we work diligently to connect our teams on that level.

The Folio: ETP Projects and Clients

Enterprise Technology Projects has exceeded our expectations on multiple projects and training programs and are always helping us improve our own business outcomes. 

Enterprise Technology Projects brings together essential aspects of organizational development, change management and professionalism to deliver a high-quality learning experience for our students and staff. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with them on future projects and would highly recommend them to other organizations.
— - Tracy Mastel, Normandale, Health IT Program Director

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